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Better than Spit and Determination

DevilsLube is a clear, water-soluble, non-irritating, non-staining, non-sticky gel lubricant compatible with natural and synthetic materials.

DevilsLube logo Proudly Made in Key West, FL USA.

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We use this very short domain name for QR Codes because it makes the code much simpler and easier to be read, allowing small codes to be printed on our bottles which have limited space.

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60 mil. / 2 oz. Clear Bottle w/White Dispensing Cap (Measured by Volume)

100 mil. / 4 oz. Clear Oblong Bottle w/Red Dispensing Cap (Identical to Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Bottle) (Measured by Volume.)

100 mil. / 4 oz. Clear Oblong Bottle w/Round Red Dispensing Cap --Collector's Edition (Measured by Volume)

6 oz. Clear Widemouth Jar -- Extra Thick N' Creamy Edition (Measured by Weight)

DevilsLube is made with Distilled Water. Check out the competition which is made with "Water" or "Purified Water". How well it is purified is anyone's guess. However, purified water does not remove the minerals. Minerals are great for water taste, but little rocks rubbing your private parts cannot be good. Purified water also does not remove all the pharmaceutical products dissolved in tap water, including the female hormone estrogen from flushed pills and all the women using birth control. Using distilled water is more expensive but is well worth it. See LINKS on the product pages.

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